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Google Voice in 38 Languages

Published on 04/08/2011 By Adwords

Search giants Google are constantly looking for ways to make connecting with other people easier and now reaching the people you care about is even easier with Google Voice. Google Voice is now live in 38 languages and you can make low rate calls to over 150 destinations right from inside your Gmail account. Last [...]

Google+ Update

Published on 12/07/2011 By Adwords

It seems Google’s two-week-old social network; Google+ is already gaining popularity online. At least one study figures Google’s latest social experiment is growing at rates that rival Facebook. Although currently in limited field test, Google+ reportedly grew by 350 percent between July 4 and July 10 from 1.7 million users to 7.3 million and according [...]

Google / Facebook Battle Continues…

Published on 09/07/2011 By Adwords

Search engine giant Google has announced its Google+ social networking platform as a direct rival to Facebook. Well, that’s what they’re hoping anyway. As we already know, Google doesn’t have a particularly strong history when it comes to social networking services. The Google Wave and Google Buzz failed to catch on, but it does look [...]

The Google Plus One Button

Published on 24/05/2011 By Adwords

Google announced their latest social interaction gadget, The Google Plus One Button. The Google Plus One Button in simple terms is a direct rival to Facebook’s Like Button. When Facebook introduced the like button it was a huge success and millions of website owners around the world immediately placed the like button on their sites [...]