Team Building at Bamboo Media

The Costa del Sol in August is just too hot for anybody to work which is why most Spanish people take August off and head to the beaches for the entire month.

This made it an excellent opportunity to arrange a team building beach BBQ for all the Bamboo Media staff. (Photos coming soon!)

Owner and Director Andrew Smith is a firm believer in the benefits of keeping his staff happy and the beach BBQ was just another of the regular events and parties that he likes to put on throughout the year as a thank you for the hard work they all put in during office hours.

Apart from the obvious fun that is had by everyone, it’s always good to mix outside of the normal office environment and get to know another side of your workmates and managers.

A happy workforce is a productive workforce and the Bamboo Media team is no exception to the rule.

The odd sunburn and burnt ribs apart, a great afternoon and evening was had by all and with the batteries recharged they are back in the office working hard to look after all your internet and social media marketing needs.

If you would like to find out how Bamboo Media could help you improve your web exposure just give them a call on one of these numbers:

From Spain:  952 922 362

From the UK:  0871 919 2000

From Ireland:  016968060

Español:  952 922 361

I think they’ve all sobered up by now!

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