The Power Of Social Media Marketing And What It Means To Your Business

Just over a year ago Facebook developers introduced the like button to enable people all over the world to share with all their friends interesting websites and articles that they’d found while browsing the internet and it proved to be a huge success and one of the fastest ways for internet marketers and business owners to get their services and products in front of millions of potential customers they might not have normally reached through other more traditional marketing methods.

On April the 25th this year Facebook developers introduced the new Send Button because as they put it: “Some things are private.”

So what is the difference between the like button and the send button and more importantly what does it mean to you as a business owner in getting your message out to more potential clients.

Although they appear to work very similar to each other there are a couple of subtle differences between the Facebook like button and Facebook send button.

If you have the Facebook Like button on your site, when a user clicks the like button, a brief story appears in that person’s newsfeed with a link directly back to your website.

How cool is that!

But here is where it gets really powerful from a viral marketing point of view. Not only does your link appear on that person’s newsfeed for all their friends to see, it also appears on all the newsfeeds of their friends and on the newsfeeds of their friends and so on and before you can blink an eye, a link to your website has just been put in front of thousands of potential customers.

That’s the viral power of social media marketing!

The Facebook send button on the other hand will allow a reader to send a link to a friend through Facebook Messages, post to a group or email your link to an individual.

For example, if you saw a great birthday or mother’s day gift idea on a website that specialized in that sort of thing and you didn’t want to share it with everyone connected to your Facebook page you can just share with your family.

Or if you were part of a cycling group and you found a great site that offered some fantastic discounts on cycles and cycle parts to club members you could share it with your entire cycling group in just one click.

The Facebook Send button will drive a much more targeted traffic source to your site by letting users send a link and a short message to the people that would be most interested in purchasing your products and services.

They don’t need to leave the web page they are on or fill out a long annoying form and the fact that there are fewer required steps means the Facebook Send button removes the need to look up email addresses by auto-suggesting friends and Groups.

In conclusion both the Facebook Like Button and the Facebook Send Button are individually vital in getting your business in front of as many potential customers as possible but the Send button will put your website in front of a more targeted audience.

As always, a careful mixture of the best marketing strategies will always produce the best ROI and to maximize your marketing budget you should always place your trust in an expert Social Media Marketing Management Company like Bamboo Media

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